Saturday, February 16 2019

im embarrassed by them - and adobe - all that the fee their an embarrassment realize i made - that million - on a 200 a month budget all those movies i act

they show up to court to be put in hand cuffs

to abandon all business and illl deal with hiring people or coming back

they will be registered employed

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godaddy is to be evacuated this is to long - pretending somebody else did all that work - its zero - at general dynamics their loss is un real

its zero - as this meds they dont seem to care

why its all on me -

their was no us at all

people just wanted what they wanted

and got it they dont give a fuck - about my life

as a rock star or actor

and neither do i

this walmart deal was a 100 million a long time ago

i paid in full

for Augusta and Brunswick now that they can be in shock

their gonna ruin their families -

betting against me

is this creepy old fool it

0- a loaf of bread a gallon of milk a dozen eggs some toilet paper potatoes hot dogs

just before my death

now that this is all strainted out they had no worth

my salries are 10 million a year

that much and what to do w=for just walmrt its not enough

so their are about 100 other franchises to handle

get out of my office

because they are so stupid

all they did was count hits of my work

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Because their mentally retarded - - and here we go - as if you had a right - to take credit for my views over years - yes their mentally retarded - and i cant work 0- if their on the other end their a worthless fuck up a fuck up worth no money

this was - many web sited - who9 was the freak - that pretended they are the owner - of

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