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Monday, April 23 2018

that ripoff wont change their was all cowards a prostitute all default is to vacate my properties no pay was ever to be given for just views never


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Friday, April 13 2018

IM just gonna have them arrested ( i was paint - ) paint - as if in handy capped mode - see - years of checks - ) nothing - ) - at this point - once this becomes more - about - why - abuse why nothing - ever _ is spite is not a tech life _ ) )

i was -= Margret did all those movies - was never paid because - that was convenient for them _ margo who is i made it clear this is about kurt cobain i am kurt cobain who was an alias and a very - queer time about 6 months - of my life here and their _ was beaten alot for regrets no liberty fund these are federal felonies being famous is not ) my name is vaughn nastvogel i sighn a 2 billion dollar s corp known these days as the alphabet co ( am founder of google - 1991 - ) ( while i was acting and while i was allegedly beating Margret when you see me cry in that i tonya movie thats real; not real - _ _ my skills since have clowned - the competition is not ok im not hired and im above the - class im not cool with that as a co i would be admin to IM ahsamed of it } )_ millions - of viewed useless - because of it } that a month from my death _ _ it was - my luck i live after being dumped - out of my own plane in the marsh 12000 ft no parachute - i own those banks all those business and - wont be sharing the agreements have been voided i will only give hard ship loans to a working class and that means their - almost interest free but you have to understand _ that means - i do my job you do yours harp - on not - we rich i was no spender the founder - of the home depot my last deal is franchising harley Davidson ( franchising is a concept i created when i was young -= it is the concept of its fee - with visa and master card 0- am - _ co founder of both - i loan godaddy a million these are the things i do my family not really fooled badly no clue who i really am {O is clear now I did 4 years in prison for stalking people forbidden from my life as a minor under stand im fine ( im pertinent im not this hero _ im not daddy ) IM _ actually that mother _ people really - ( raped {O i was not into it _ _ they think a fool ( I started the ebt fund through chase bank ) dont like sharing sll this ( world trade center all on me I have not received a cent in 20 years now i collect all O} like a reverse nothing ) building business for a waste of money has set this off as i see two already bank rupt franchises i had say on in my home area i know better [ their are no permissions and no club those who dont know how to mail ( dont get the packages - that based on a real - ) home wont get - what they want - p -0

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250 thousand mb used, i dont keep the records, for,other people

This was Last policy Made common Valu . Basic 14 Year old stuff Says Don't call me To,tell me Some One used your Card Call your bank And,transfer The time A,charge Sits,before Its,out 2 business,days Was,policy So here Its,, About money 5 business days is About Charge b 21 business days is Often stated With in woukd be a poor way to say It will not be Today Those who Use,a,pay cycle . use applications That chose A day of the month To. Deposit The full amounts A business,made . Thiers two applications As. Commercial And non applied Cash callings Made More,impact The common . Never marks a fail Charge back 10 . Last,bounced,check 2300,days Last, In resolved Third point Payment Loss Civil D. 5000 plus days Matter Is Broken Wants,to,keep,operating On. Languages Instead Of. Gains.

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Wednesday, April 4 2018

a total diregard i am - the owner of facebook - myspace - and - about - 6 of the most - important domains in the world - not domain company -- they are all dropped -

NO _ its like it my like to know why people don't realize i was - in a torchbearer toom giving birth to a goat they all thought they would be millionaires,, nope its been a discrace for over 2 decades as a result and i have - when everyone lighten=s up abpiut the rapes - -p and who your real ceo is 0 its about 1 billion 5 hundred million dollars i am not altuve - i need some help

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TO write to a - real mail - box - )__ the - ( correct address _ should not be co - po - - ) its 6 lily drive - Nobleboro Me 04555 - and has been for 32 years - THIS was about marketing - )( Giving the - safe control to - a - import/export customer often provided as an rss feed _ _ ) ( Or a solid - pro copy ) - ..